Director: Ken Collins 
Writer: Ken Collins
Stars: Jay Hewlett, Ken Collins, Heidi Caldwell, Andrea Forcina
Color, 90 minutes


Consumed by rage after losing his wife on 9/11, Michael Penn (Ken Collins) enlists in the military with an obsession for vengeance on the battlefield. Penn soon becomes entangled in a deadly black project designed to generate the ultimate assassin. Renamed: "Sandman," Penn and sleeper-killers like him find themselves in a brutal game on the streets of America where they can come off the board at any time. Jay Hewlett executes a gripping performance as Malcolm, the NSA agent tasked with eliminating the problem before embarrassing details are exposed. "Dead Americans" is a provocative thriller that is as exciting as it is timely. There is no margin for error for Penn and the others as they discover, that when your time comes, its not death, it's deactivation.


Director: Ken Collins 
Writer: Ken Collins
Stars: Jay Hewlett, Ken Collins, Jamie Clark

Color, 10 minutes


"Crazy" Wayne Giles is on his way to Mexico after getting a cop's gun and hijacking a police car. He swears he never killed little Jessica Flores, but it's going to be a very hard sell to the detective that got him convicted.





An American Foreign Film.
A soldier's remorse for inaction in the face of murder compels him to risk all to protect a wounded enemy airman.
Spring 1945. As the Russians successfully advance from the East, Allied Bomber Command embraces the severe blitz of German cities, causing confusion in civilian evacuation and hampering the movement of German reinforcements from the West.
With their "eyes on the ground," the Resistance is tasked with transmitting the most current coordinates of the vacating troops and supplies.
A Kampfgruppe of elite SS remains behind to root out the spies and protect their homeland. The attacks are devastating to their morale.

Krieg, is an official selection of the Durango Film Festival and the Idyllwild Film Festival both happening in February of 2018.